Patient Education

Aren't Dental Sealants Just for Kids?

Dental sealants aren't just for kids. No cavities? Sealants can keep it that way by preventing 80% of decay painlessly, quickly and cost-effectively. Find out more about how dental sealants might be a great addition to your oral health care plan.

Mar 19th, 2019
So How Is 2019 Going So Far?

How are your New Year's resolutions coming? We are a month into 2019, do your resolutions match the rest of ours.

Jan 30th, 2019
Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Most of us brush our teeth a couple of times per day, but are we doing it the right way, with the right tools? San Francisco Dentist Dr. Edward L Loev, DMD offers some tips.

Oct 18th, 2018