Bad Breath, Yellow Teeth and Covid-19, Why Your Teeth Cleaning Can’t Wait.

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Shelter-in-place, pandemic, protests, and lay-offs, we agree that these are good excuses to defer your dental cleaning, but don't wait any longer. Uncertainty is undoubtedly looming above all of us during this confusing time. We wrote about the precautions that dentists, including ourselves, are making to keep our teams and patients safe and healthy as we navigate our new world, and how it is safe to see your dentist for emergencies. Recent studies in Germany, the United States, and the UK indicate that there is a strong correlation between oral health and Covid-19 complications and fatalities. “A healthy oral cavity acts as a barrier against all kinds of diseases.” says San Francisco Cosmetic Dentist Edward L. Loev, DMD. One of the studies that was recently published in the British Dental Journal, indicates that improved oral hygiene during a SARS-CoV-2 infection can reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and the risk of a bacterial superinfection once infected. They go as far as to say that poor oral hygiene must be considered a factor in complications associated with Covid 19, especially for those with diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease. For those of you under 35 who are asking “I’m young and healthy, why should I care?” It is true that the death rate in individuals under 35 is substantially lower than those over 35. Still According to the CDC, as of August 1, 2020, 1,344 people under the age of 35 died from the Corona Virus. This is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 142,164 individuals of all ages that have lost their lives in the US due to the infection through August 1, 2020, but it’s still a huge number. With schools reopening and restrictions being lifted across the nation, numbers of infections and deaths are also rising. In fact over the last 14 days the US has averaged over 1000 deaths per day. Hopefully before too long we will be able to greet one another without facemasks and see those healthy bright smiles, be close enough to smell each other fresh breath, and resume life in a somewhat normal manner but until then, lower the odds of Covid-19 infection by keeping your mouth and smile healthy through professional cleanings.

“Be patient with your dentists please, we are all sailing through uncharted water at this time. We are trying to balance our patient’s needs and wants with their safety and the safety of our teams.” says Dr. Loev. “I have cut back my treatment hours and days, to reduce the stress on myself and my team and increased appointment times to allow for plenty of time between patients for us to disinfect and prepare for safe treatment with minimal overlap. I know that many of my colleagues have yet to open back up and those that have such as myself are struggling to balance the increased cost of running our businesses with fewer team members and often less availability to patients. Please know that we are doing our best.” The doctor says. He also emphasizes not putting off cleanings until this blows over, precautions will most likely be around for quite a long time to come. Work with your dental health professional to find a time that works. In the meantime, do your best to social distance, wear masks in public, and please, please keep washing those hands.

As we slowly return to our new "normal," it is essential to remember that staying healthy is more than just wearing a mask, keeping six feet distance, and washing hands. It is crucial that in addition to eating a healthy diet, staying physically active and mentally happy that we continue to care for our body, mind, and mouth. Healthcare providers around the globe have been provided with guidelines and have updated existing and implemented new policies and protocols in their respective offices to keep their teams and patients safe as they reopen again. Please don't ignore health symptoms that arise during this stressful and uncertain time or put off regular dental cleanings, doctor's examinations, or treatment that has been scheduled. Listen to your body and take care of it. This crazy time will eventually pass, make sure that you are taking care of yourself so that you will be healthy enough to enjoy it. Call healthcare providers that you are appointed to see and find out what measures they have taken to protect you and what they expect of you during your visit. Most of all stay safe and follow social distancing protocols so that we can keep each other healthy. We are all in this together!

San Francisco Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Edward L. Loev, DMD has been caring for his patients for decades from his dental office that overlooks San Francisco's Union Square. He and his team take pride in providing the best quality and most gentle dental care available. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and are in need or want of a new dentist, Dr. Loev and his team would love the opportunity to meet you and earn your trust and loyalty, call them at 415-392-2072 or schedule an appointment online today. 

Team Loev Team Loev is comprised of highly dedicated professionals who along with San Francisco Cosmetic, Restorative and Implant Dentist Dr. Edward Loev are committed to educating and hopefully entertaining in-person and virtual patients and making their lives a bit healthier and brighter

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