Sweeten Your Smile for Your Sweetheart

Did you know that when surveyed most people rank a healthy, bright smile as a person’s most memorable and attractive feature? In fact, numerous studies suggest that smiling more can even make you appear more approachable, successful and appealing to potential partners or employers than the surly, frowning version of you. Smiling also releases endorphins (happy chemicals) in your body that make you feel better. Some say that with these happy chemicals pheromones (attraction chemicals) are released. As a smile specialist San Francisco Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Edward L. Loev, DMD says he actually believes in the magic powers of a smile. He has seen patient’s personalities transform when they brighten their smiles through teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers, and crowns. Dental implants and Invisalign tooth straightening can transform smiles that appear to have been neglected with missing and crooked teeth into sparkling beacons for the real person that was hiding behind what appeared to be a frown. “Many patients that come to my office for cosmetic dentistry appear less than friendly based on first impressions. This is because they are not confident in their smile. So they either don’t smile or they hide it by tipping their heads or covering it with their hands. Dentistry has come such a long way over the years and there are so many ways to put your best smile forward.” Dr. Loev and his team have put together some tips to help you look your best.

Put your best smile forward:

Sometimes, time, genetics or other factors make maintaining or create a bright smile without outside help impossible. For over 4 decades San Francisco Dentist Dr. Ed Loev and his team have been helping their patients present their best smiles. From a good professional dental cleaning to in-office dental bleaching and more comprehensive porcelain veneers, crowns or implants his gentle, experienced and effective team can help you find reasons to smile. Call them today at 415-392-2072 to set-up a complimentary cosmetic consultation or even just a new patient visit if you are in need/want of a new dentist.


Team Loev Team Loev is comprised of highly dedicated professionals who along with San Francisco Cosmetic, Restorative and Implant Dentist Dr. Edward Loev are committed to educating and hopefully entertaining in-person and virtual patients and making their lives a bit healthier and brighter

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